Arthritis Problem Patients are Increasing Around the World

The knee arthritis is emerging as the main cause of physical disability and it has an Indian style of sitting and sitting, which causes the knee to worsen more and the knee changes. Dr Atul Mishra, director of the Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Department of Fortis Hospital, Noida, points out that more than 150 million people are suffering from knee problems in India, out of which 4 million people need knee-replacement (total Ni replacement).

According to a report, one in every six people in our country is suffering from arthritis. Arthritis problem is more common in women than men. Dr. Mishra said, “The outbreak of knee arthritis in our country is twice as much compared to China and 15 times as compared to the western countries, and this is because of the genetic and other causes of Indian people suffering from arthritis of knee The risk is high. ”

He said that our life style is also responsible for knee arthritis, under which knee joint is used more in sitting and sitting. Due to this, the knee is quickly damaged in comparison to other joints of the body. In our country, people sit idle while worshiping, eating food, cooking, sitting etc. Apart from this, there is a need to sit on the knees in traditional style toilets.

He said that when the knee joint becomes much worse and the patient’s movement is disturbed, then the knee needs to be replaced, which is called Total Ni Replacement. This is a very successful process which is more than half a century old. Its success rate is 95 percent and it brings surprisingly to the quality of life of patients.

He said that compared to men, the knee of women is badly damaged. The average age for Indian knee problems is 50 years, while in Indian men it is 60 years. Due to early start of knee problems in women, obesity, lack of exercise, low sunlight and bad nutrition. Dr. Mishra said that about 90 percent of Indian women lack vitamin-D, which is important for controlling bone metabolism. Vitamin-D deficiency in the body directly or indirectly affects the knee.

He said that due to increasing use of junk food and fast food and due to the bad habits of food, body bones are not getting calcium and essential minerals, due to which the density of bones has started decreasing at an early age. Bones are becoming weaker and weak. The problem of arthritis and osteoarthritis is also increasing rapidly due to the wrong diet and lifestyle. Today, around 30 percent of patients suffering from knee arthritis in the country are 45 to 50 years old, while 18 to 20 percent of the patients are 35 to 45 years old.

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