AU$12 million deal between Optus Business and CSR

Optus Business has announced a AU$12 million deal with the Australian Industrial Company CSR, which is a contract for providing data, voice, and mobile services for CSR Limited. This contract binds Optus Business to provide aforementioned services for a span of 3.5 years to the 150 CSR sites across the Australian territory.

Managing director of Optus Business, John Paitaridis stated that technology is transforming the work is done and how businesses function bringing in the need for scalable, high capacity, resilient enterprise grade network. Many enterprises including CSR are rapidly working towards growing volume of data needed for harnessing latest technology developments that change the way employees and customers engage and interact with enterprises.

Optus Business stated that the network is a suitable environment for latency-sensitive and bandwidth-intensive business applications and the new mobility capability provides the businesses with cost assurance. Apart from CSR other enterprises have also showcased interest in the capabilities of Optus Business. The company had also announced being chosen by New South Wales government for providing fixed data, voice and internet service offerings for over five years which is a part of the government’s Telecommunications Purchasing Arrangements.

The general manager at CSR for enterprise IT Craig Butriss stated that the company continues to invent in its technology in order to deliver best experience for their customers and employees. CSR team needed cost-competitive and scalable network as they recognized the significance of data for their business. He further added that Optus Business services would offer a robust foundation for their IT strategy

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