New Technology to Aid Hip & Knee Surgeries

While technological advancements are capturing the world across various fields, the medical sector is largely benefitting from its capabilities. Similar developments were observed at the St. Michael Center for Joint Replacement who announced the addition of the second technology system MAKOplasty system which is to be used for hip replacements and total as well as partial knee replacements. The system is an interactive orthopaedic system that is powered by the RIO robotic arm which enables it to offer consistency and precision in knee and hip replacement surgeries.

Joseph Ramos, director of St. Michael Centre stated that with the help of this system, the MAKOplasty patients would witness rapid recovery and shorter hospital stays. The system would help achieve relatively smaller incisions than the conventional surgeries, he added.

The surgeons can now utilize presurgical plans offered by the MAKOplasty system with details regarding the bone preparation technique and customized impart positioning with the help of a CT scan of the patient’s hip or knee.

Carol Giese, director of surgical services-St. Michael said that MAKOplasty takes total knee replacement, partial knee resurfacing, and hip replacement to a new and advanced level of precision, with its innovative use of technology.

A virtual view of patient’s bone surface and 3-dimensional live-action is created by the system during the surgical procedure and the images are correlated to the presurgical plan. Moreover, with the help of the robotic arm, its visual and tactile feedback limits the bone preparation to specific diseased areas, which offers optimized implant placement positioning for every individual patient, stated the company officials.

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