NZ startup to expand with a AU$500k Fund

A New Zealand company, Dotterel Technologies announced a fund of AU$500k round which was led by some strategic investors. The company is a startup that is known for developing audio recording technology and noise reduction for drones. With this fund, the company plans to extend its patent protection, expand the team, strengthen their research and development avenue, and increase the capabilities of their production for their future prospects and next-generation product offerings.

The COO and Co-founder of Dotterel Technologies, Shaun Edlin, this fund acts as a vital strategy for the company as it brings the opportunity of bringing a talented workforce into the company for developing new products and further extend their patent protection. Post its Techstars Adelaide defense accelerator program, Dotterel Technologies has achieved an exposure to mentors that have a high caliber and the startup firm could build a network in the global defense sector.

Edlin further added that in the defense and security, drones need stealth, while the noise prevents its use in residential areas in terms of the logistics application of drones. He further stated that, regulations for UAVs and drones is transforming around the world in which, noise-mitigation would become a necessity. Dotterel’s technology would gain an opportunity to become an industry standard for the drone of the future generation, being a first mover.

The company is currently discussing with the top investors and focuses of closing the seed funding of over NZ$1 million in the month of February. Moreover, Dotterel Technologies is exploring collaboration projects with major defense and corporate teams in the coming future.

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