Obesity Increases the Risk of Cancer and Diabetes

With the way lifestyle is changing today, catering is also changing. In place of places like Momos, fast food franchisee, Rehabi-Degla burgers like fast food stalls are causing obesity and dangerous diseases due to this. Often people remember things like chewamines, burgers, pizzas when they are hungry which causes Obesity Increases the Risk of Cancer and Diabetes.

With this change, good results are less and negative results are more visible. Rapidly growing use of fast food is increasing obesity. There are many reasons behind obesity. Let’s know the reason for the increase of obesity, losses and prevention methods.

Nowadays, more calories containing beverages and foods are easily found in children. Children’s access to snacks and fast food restaurants has increased rapidly. Obesity is increasing rapidly by eating such junk food.

If the parent is obese in the family or one of the two is obese. Then the child is more likely to develop obesity. For this reason, obesity is also increasing in children due to genetic reasons.

Lack of physical activity, Obesity increases due to low physical activity. By which the body starts getting lazy and physical activity is not equal. Whereby obesity increases.

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